For the food lovers that missed this class here is a  short recap of our sushi class with Lets Cook Tampa meet up

The origins of sushi dates back um a long long many many moons ago.  LIke Before Christ long time ago in Southeast Asia.  Fish was gutted, cleaned, salted and then put in jars  with cooked rice for few months.  The rice helped the fermentation of the fish as it turned to mush and vinegar.  In all honesty, eating raw fish was  no secret.  Man must have eaten raw fish from the moment they knew how to fish.   The problem was having fish available away from water and in times of drought or travel.   So sushi was developed because of the need to preserve protein.

After Christ have come and gone somewhere around 8th century this way of preservation came to japan.  (for the critics) this is just a general recap, if dates and exact area and location is important to you………..then you need to go do some research because this is not the site for you to get your ph.d. in sushi.    Moving right along,  Once sushi made it to japan it went through transformations with time.  The Japenese enjoyed eating their fish with rice so there was a point where the fish was taken out before the rice turned into mush…………and then later they decided they want to just add vinegar to the rice and eat the fish raw.   At this point sushi was no long a means of preservation but a culinary creation.   In the 1800s street vendors became popular in Tokyo because even over a 1o0 years ago that place was busy.  At this time nigiri sushi was born.  The oblong ball of rice with a slice of fish or veggie on top was easy to eat with your fingers or chopsticks on the go.   So our humble little sushi came from being a stinky sour fermented fish to fast food to what we kind of consider upper class cuisine.   Well, we have been throwing the word sushi around talking about fish but sushi is japanese and it means “with rice”.

#1  whaaaat rice!!!   well the short answer is use sushi rice.

Any short/med grain sticky rice should do it.  Calrose, Arborio, or any rice that you can use to make Risotto.  I think Valerie asked if we can use brown rice.  well, you can,  just make sure that it is brown sticky short grain rice.  When i use brown rice for sushi i actually mix it 50% .  it tastes too healthy when you just use brown rice.

#2. season the rice!

take 6oz rice vinegar, 5oz sugar, 2tbsp salt,  3 oz mirin,  and mix together in a glass jar or plastic container.  do not use any metal anything.   it will feel like the salt and sugar will not dissolve all the way but if you give it 20min it will all disolve to what feels like a syrup.  add a piece kelp and you can store it  in room tempurature for nearly a decade.

# 3  now season the rice.

take how much ever rice that you have,  and drizzle some seasoned vinager to it and fan it while you mix the rice together.  taste the rice to make sure you have the flavor you like.  The rice should be a little sweet, sour and little salty.    This is very important!  The secret to the best sushi is the rice.  if the rice is properly seasoned you really don’t need soysauce just a little wasabi.

# 4  get your ingredents together

depending on what you are making, make sure you have sushi mat, veggies (cucumber, avacado ect) , a clean very damp cloth (to wipe your knife off after you cut), a bowl of water (to dip the knife in before you cut your roll), sauces, seaweed, plastic gloves to keep the rice from sticking to your fingers.  (If you don’t have plastic gloves you can add a drop of vinager in the bowl of water to wet your hands.  but you have to be able to work quick or else you may have to wet your hands again and that brings too much moisture to your rice.  (so what? what does a little moisture do to sticky rice?)  the rice falls apart and they threaten to not stick to the seaweed. yup.