Red beans and sausage

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I am not a great fan of beans.  Normally when my mom cooks rice with all kinds of beans  to make it  “healthy” ,I would pick out the… Read More »


Dae gu (mau ri ) Mae unTang (Spicy Cod head stew)

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Hey Derek, I know you requested Dae gu tang, but I only had the head available. Its all good because it tastes just the same.  Dae gu is… Read More »


Seng sun Jorim (spicy simmered fish)

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Having spent many many summers in Ashford Alabama; i did a little fishing.  Mainly catfish and brim and the method of cooking was cornmeal and a giagantic fry daddy.    Its… Read More »


How to make korean anchovy broth

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Myurchi gookmul in literal translation is anchovy soup water.  Many korean recipes call for some anchovy broth to make their seafood and dengjang (fermented) soybean  soups.  At the… Read More »


Gochugaru 고추가루 korean pepper powder*

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  Just few facts.  Korea was never part of the spice trade.   Whether its Mexican cumin, Indian cumin, or middle eastern cumin or whether its american paprika, hungarian… Read More »


Buchu (부추) korean garlic chive

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  Buchu, pronounced (boo choo) is a very common vegetable in Korean traditional cuisine.  It looks like grass.  Really it does.  The regular chive that you can find… Read More »


Beginners Sushi class

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For the food lovers that missed this class here is a  short recap of our sushi class with Lets Cook Tampa meet up The origins of sushi dates… Read More »


bibim bap making class

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Bibimbap is like the korean version of Shepard’s pie only in that it is made of left overs.  A typical Korean meal is a bowl of rice (bap)… Read More »


Mjaddra (Lebanese lentils and rice)

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This is a simple yet very tasty vegetarian dish.  There are many variations where the raw rice is cooked with the lentils together or lentils are cook first… Read More »


tongue tacos (tacos de lengua)

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                         In my restaurant family we have 1 KNJ (owner) and couple Mexican brothers from another mother.  Well, i can claim one of them (Chris) as a brother and the other… Read More »